The team from Ukraine visited the second round of non-formal education training near the city of Orvieto. This time, trainers and staff Il Cercosino, besides trainings, made an unforgettable trip to Orvieto and its memorable places. In addition to the fact that the participants learned to know themselves, to work in the team, to improve their knowledge of such issues as emigration, immigration and racism, they have visited many culinary and craft workshops. Everyone had the opportunity to cook a real Italian paste or to scoop interesting clay products. 

The training location was deep in the mountains, at a distance of 15 kilometers from the city. It was a large house by the Cerquosino Artemide team. Life in the house was based on the principles of sorting and recycling garbage. All rubbish was sorted into 4 types: biological waste, paper, plastic and glass. Water was taken from the mountain river, and to take the shower it was necessary to prepare firewood and warm the water. All this resembled the life of an immigrant in another country with its rules and traditions. The Internet and other channels of communication were absent - it deepened the interest in the training.

The free time left the participants a lot of opportunities: everyone was talking, warming up under the fire, playing games, singing for a guitar or doing homework. Rather, it was a big plus than a small minus, because all the participants were able to open each other and maintain this warm environment before departure.

From the face of the Ukrainian team, we express our great appreciation to Association Artemide, the coach, Barbara Colombo, to all who participated in the organization of the training, and to all the participants for the fact that during the training we managed to become a great international family!

On September 23rd, hundreds of Kyivites and guests of the capital spent their Saturday off at the Central Park of Culture and Recreation "Mariinsky", near the "Musly" stage.

There was an already-traditional, city-wide social and cultural event "The youth of Kiev invites you". Its programme consisted of: a festival of umbrellas of goodness, games, quests, skypark, and a show. Social services for urban families were also presented. As part of the celebration of the NGO "Labor and Health Social Initiatives", with financial support from the European Union, a quest on the rights #ChildRightsChallenge, was held, in which 22 teams took part.

Europe Day is being celebrated in Ukraine on the third Saturday of May since 2003 and this year it was special due to the expectations of forthcoming visa liberation regimen for Ukrainians. A group of children from the kids’ school of journalism supported by the LHSI within EU funded project “New Home: integration and psychosocial support to internally displaced children in Kyiv and Odesa oblast” actively participated in the Kyiv celebrations and prepared their reports on this Day.

On November 29, a final roundtable was held within the framework of the project “New Home: community reintegration and psychosocial support of internally displaced children in Kyiv and Odessa region”, which was implemented by the NGO "Labor and Health Social Initiatives" with financial support of European Union.
The participants were not only thirteen guarantees and partners of the project, but representatives of International Child Development Initiatives (ICDI, Netherlands) and National Scouts Organization of Ukraine. Representatives of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and of the EU representation in Ukraine were also visited a round table. The first part of the event was dedicated to the performance of the children – participants of the “New Home” project.

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