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Labour and Health Social Initiatives (LHSI) is a non-governmental organization (NGO), established in 2002 and based in Kiev, Ukraine.

LHSI Mission

Promote sustainable human development by enhancing access to social services for at-risk populations, address public health challenges, ensure child protection and youth empowerment, and contribute to gender equality for a better future.

LHSI strategic objectives 2023-2024

1. Child Protection and Youth Empowerment: Create and execute comprehensive programs dedicated to safeguarding the rights of children and empowering youth, nurturing their growth and active participation within society.

2. Enhanced Access to Health and Social Services: Enhance the availability of essential health and social services for affected by the war communities, including internally displaced people, affected families, and particularly vulnerable children, especially those affected by the war in Ukraine. Introduce and incorporate best international practices while bolstering the capabilities of local stakeholders.

3. Partnerships for Economic Stability, Resilience, and Gender Equality: support socially responsible collaborations among employers, employees, affected communities and government entities. Improve workplace safety initiatives and programs that advance gender equality, fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment for everyone, provide coherence and economic stability for affective communities and people.

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NGO “Labor and Health Social Initiatives”
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