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Teena bot will help with online violence

Where is your child right now? Maybe she sits next to you in the hallway, or maybe in her room in a safe place. One way or another, it is likely that she spends more time than before on the Internet. And yet, it is absolutely much more vulnerable the earlier, much more difficult it is to cope with emotions and can easily fall into the trap of looking for friends or support on the Internet.

Children easily trust those they haven't even seen, share secrets, fall in love, and even learn their own sexuality.  And well, if on the other side of the screen a reliable person. But if not? Teenagers often face sexual violence online. Girls and boys. Sometimes they become victims, and sometimes they themselves participate in jokes that may later cost someone too much.

That is why, in order to prevent online violence, the team of the Cybersecurity for Adolescents project has created a chatbot that will help teenagers learn about different types of sexual violence online, the first signs and what to do if something goes wrong.

Get acquainted with the Teena bot, tell children and friends, find out for yourself.

Ask for help if needed.

It should be noted that the Project "Cybersecurity for Adolescents" is implemented by the NGO Labor and Health Social Initiatives with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands through the Human Rights Fund.


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