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Yes! We can stop TB!

Today, March 24, World Tuberculosis (TB) Day, ends the TB Response Month, initiated by the Partnership "Stop TB. Ukraine".

This day is dedicated to raising awareness of the problem of tuberculosis and mobilizing efforts to eliminate the global TB epidemic. Therefore, take a few minutes at least to familiarize yourself with the symptoms and procedure when checking suspicion and how to protect your child from TB, for example, here:

Плакат Симптоми ТБ (lhsi.org.ua)

Що робити у випадку підозри (lhsi.org.ua)

Як захистити дитину від ТБ (lhsi.org.ua)

Our regional partners in the project "You should know about tuberculosis" continue to work with this problem on a daily basis, without looking back at the war and other circumstances. During an open attack, this is generally a heroic effort.

What is worth only the work of the medical coordinator for children in the Donetsk region, which still remains at the workplace in Bakhmut Olena Molchanova, or the attentiveness of social worker Olena Vynohradova, thanks to which screening was carried out, brought to the examination and TB was detected in a young child from the suburbs of Kharkiv, who happened to be in Kharkiv with her mother to receive humanitarian assistance (and this is in the face of incredible harsh bombardments), is there an extraordinary concern for the clients of social workers of the Stryi City Center for Social Services, where many internally displaced persons turn, including those who have TB and, in the end, the incredible story of families from Mariupol, who, even before the occupation, began treatment, and when, due to the occupation, work in Mariupol was completely stopped. However, thanks to the coordinated cooperation of the project's social workers, out of 46 families accompanied by employees of the Mariupol region, 33 families with children were found and taken under social support by other project specialists.

Today we continue to work and believe: Yes! We can stop TB!

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