Who we are and what we do

  • Youth & children

    Youth & children

    Initiatives for the development of children and youth, prevention of socio-negative phenomena in the youth environment, development of competences.
  • Public health

    Public health

    Initiatives to overcome socially dangerous diseases including tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and others, medical industry reforming at the national and local levels,
  • Human rights protection

    Human rights protection

    Strengthening the capacity to protect the rights of vulnerable groups of the population, including civil society organizations, institutions and institutions
  • Social policy

    Social policy

    Initiatives for the territories and communities social development, reforming the industry at the national and local level, preventing the spread

Who we are and what we do

Since 2002, the international NGO “Labor and Health Social Initiatives” has been implementing public health projects, youth and child development initiatives, contributing to the development of social policy and human right protection for the most vulnerable population.
We study the newly emerged challenges in the society and promote the idea of a sustainable human development by improving the quality of social and public health services, enhancing labor protection, contributing to the capacity development of the municipalities, communities as well as citizens living in it.

Staff list


Sichkar Olena

Project Manager


(044) 528-21-27, 529-12-99



images/dsc_9356.jpg images/dsc_9356.jpg

Yeleneva Ilona



(044) 528-21-27, 529-12-99

Neezzhala Eleonora

Head Accountant


(044) 528-21-27, 529-12-99

kostenko sviliy

Katerina Kostenko

Assistant Manager


тел. 044 28 508 20 факс 044 28 508 45

Olga TsvIlIy

Program manager


тел. 044 28 508 20 факс 044 28 508 45

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